Comedian Roy Wood Jr – I Was Chased Out of Houston By J.Prince!

Comedian Roy Wood Jr – I Was Chased Out of Houston By J.Prince

Comedians need to be fearless. However, funnyman Roy Wood Jr. recently revealed how his courage in the world of comedy was challenged by Houston’s J. Prince. Roy is a actor and comedian from Birmingham, Alabama who built his name doing ‘prank call’ skits and has made appearances on The Daily Show, Def Comedy Jam and Sports Nation.

Recalling his early days Roy said via Twitter,

Those of you that know my history know I used to do prank calls HEAVY. And in those days comedy and hip-hop were far more symbiotic. As a result, my pranks were getting a lot of love on down south mixtapes. A gang of DJs, Chamillionaire and even a few unauthorized Pimp C projects.

J. Prince is one of the most respected figures in hip-hop. He founded a Houston based label known as Rap-A-Lot Records in the mid 1980’s. While launching the careers of rap legends the Geto Boys, Mr. Scarface, Willie Dee, Bushwick Bill and others, J. Prince remains a quiet but feared presence in rap music. The mogul is so respected, even today, that the Pusha T/Drake feud reportedly ended abruptly at his request.

In light of the Houston O.G.’s upcoming memoir, Wood Jr said,

In Houston in 2006, I tried to prank call J. Prince, CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records. We had a conversation that made me not only leave the studio but also the city of Houston. A thread….

Woods went on to tell a story of singing a comedy deal with a Houston record company and eventually prank calling Rap-A-Lot CEO.

First up was J Prince. The premise of the prank call was gonna be me posing as the owner of a Mom & Pop record store criticizing Rap-A-Lot records not cranking out as many hits as they used to as a result my profits were suffering. I demanded J. Prince pay my rent.

Once he actually got on the phone with Prince, his comedy courage faded quickly.

J. Prince answered the phone and I laid into him. Instead of arguing with me, J Prince simply took a breath and calmly said “Where you at” A chill came over my body. I tried to keep the prank going, J Prince cuts me off again.. ‘I need to see u face to face. Where you at?’

All the fun and games where over. Things had gotten serious.

I was so shook I broke character and told J I was a comedian and it was just a prank call. He still didn’t laugh. My audio engineer stopped laughing. Shit just got real. It was so awkward at this point my producer jumped on the phone to try and save me.

Even an acquaintance of J. Prince could not calm things.

My producer said “Hey J it’s Lucas (name changed). I’m in here with Roy we were just trying to have a laugh.” J PRINCE: (5 seconds of silence) Ohhhhhhh, you with Lucas? I see. I know EXACTLY where y’all at. (to driver) Aye man turn the car around. *J. Prince hangs up*”

Lucky for Wood Jr. that J. Prince never caught up with him. The Rap-A-Lot founder has proved to be a looming figure in not only entertainment but sports as well. He has managed world renowned boxers
like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Andre Ward as part of a sports management company.

“J is respected at every level of the game from janitors to A&Rs to CEOs. He’s always made moves that made hip-hop better. His intervening is no diff. Say what you want about Drake not clapping back at Pusha but If J. Prince says beef is dead,It’s dead. no one will cross that line.”

Woods Jr. made it a point during his entertaining Twitter thread to plug J. Prince and his new book. “The Art and Science of Respect: A Memoir by James Prince” will be availiable on June 22.

By: TheDiamondKShow

Authored by: TJB Writer