Tory Lanez – My Private Plane Almost Crashed 5 Times!

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez – My Private Plane Almost Crashed!

Tory Lanez had the scare of his life on Sunday when the plane that was flying him and his crew to the Hot 97 Summer Jam concert nearly crashed. Lanez posted to Instagram Live showing the oxygen masks that dropped from overhead as the plane started to drop quickly and suddenly. Judging by the look on Tory’s face and that of his crew, you can tell they were a little bit in shock after the entire ordeal.

Just so you know, this is how we’re getting to Summer Jam my n****, plane almost crashed five times. S*** was going down, nosedived, dropped 26,000 feet in a minute and a half. Really take that in.

#torylanez jet almost crashed while making it to summer jam

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Thankfully, Tory and his crew arrived safely to the set of the Hot 97 Summer Jam concert. Like a true performer, Lanez performed his top hits for an audience despite having just feared for his life earlier that day. Some of the hits performed were top hit such as “Say It,” “Slow Grind,” and “BID.” Check out the complete Youtube of his Hot 97 Summer Jam concert right below.

Tory Lanez just recently released his first Spanish song “Pa Mi” featuring hit Reggaeton artist Ozuna.

I want to be the biggest artist in the world, and I’m not letting anything stand in my way…not even language barriers.

Tory wanted to do an album dedicated to his Spanish and Latin fans and his new song “Pa Mi” will be featured on his first Spanish album entitled “El Agua.”

By: Jeanine Cruz 


Authored by: Kellie Williams