Antonio Brown Bonds W/ His ‘Pops’ Deion Sanders Following NFL Drama

Antonio Brown and Deion Sanders

Antonio Brown Bonds W/ His ‘Pops’ Deion Sanders Following NFL Drama

Antonio Brown is still trying to get back into the NFL and is enlisting Football Hall of Fame legend Deion Sanders to help him with his comeback. The troubled NFL star recently revealed that he’s been working out with Deion Sanders, who has also been giving him advice. Antonio Brown took to Instagram Sunday (May 31st) and posted a picture of him with Deion Sanders writing the caption,

“Deion vs Prime
Antonio vs AB
Pops you inspire and teach me so much even til this day ! honor to call you pops, you been a great father figure role model for me since I was 6 years old ! Grateful thank you ?? pops your presence a present ! #Love#PoppaPrime#Legend”

See the snapshot here.

Deion also posted updates on his recent conversations with Antonio Brown, not only about football but changing his life as a whole. He wrote,

“My son came to town to WORK! On his Game,on his Life,On his Thoughts,on his Tomorrow & on ANTONIO BROWN! I Love him to life and I can’t wait to witness this comeback Story called A,B & See. I know what I know and I pray u all get to see what I know to be true about ANTONIO BROWN. God bless all y’all and please have a productive peaceful day we are Growing & Going ! #Truth@bishopojahwar@shedeursanders@shilosanders@shotsbylott”

Deion also posted an update with Antonio Wednesday (June 3rd) as the two went fishing together. The former NFL player wrote,

@ab They’re times in life we need a timeout to regroup,reflect,rework,refocus, Reestablish and Restore. Let’s slow life down a bit and take a real look at it from this angle. This view is better. Love ya son. #Truth The 1 thought was we gotta catch another bass! Let me get the “PLYORS” GET THE PLYORS… @bishopomarjahwar@nfl@nflnetwork@smac_entertainment@conschwartz”

Antonio has been trying to get back into the good graces of the NFL after he was jailed earlier this year after being named a suspect in his alleged involvement with battering a moving truck driver on January 21. AB was bonded out at $100,000 for felony burglary with battery charges.

Antonio Brown mugshot

Antonio also apologized to the mother of his three sons Chelsie Kryiss after he posted an expletive-filled video on Twitter on January 13, where he accused Chelsie Kyriss of allegedly trying to steal his Bentley.

In the apology post, AB first starts with a more positive message by thanking a higher power. The former New England Patriots receiver says his faith in God helped him open up his eyes to the “God” within.

“First and foremost, I will love to Thanks the most high “God” for allowing the “God” thats in me to really look deep into myself, Mainly because greater the spirit thats in us,than the spirit thats Of the world.”

He then adds a heartfelt apology to his baby mother for the hurt and embarrassment,

“And me being a “God” fearing man first, Truly understand That I owe my wonderful Kids and the mother Chelsie of my wonderful kids, The world Biggest Apology, for my Public out breaks through social media, and for the hurt that I may have took them through while on my Emotional roller Coaster that we all are faced with in Life. #TheGreaterMe”

The two are reportedly back together, engaged, and expecting another child together!

He said earlier this year that they would be getting married in the summer.

He also shared what appeared to be Chelsie Kyriss rocking a baby bump poolside.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla