Lil Yachty Hacked, Denies Flirting with Underage Girl Via DM: “Hackers need to get some pu–y.”

Lil Yachty Hacked, Denies Flirting with Underage Girl Via DM: “Hackers need to get some pu–y.”

It is important to keep your passwords in a safe place and to be careful what you click within DM & emails. Unfortunately for him, Atlanta based rapper Lil Yachty, is allegedly the latest victim of rapper social media hacking.  No word yet as to how this alleged hack occurred but Yachty (real name Miles Parks McCollum) warned fans earlier this week that his account had been compromised.

A group by the name of “” have identified themselves as the hackers. Individuals named Gurv, Neel, Anthony, Terror, and Rey are having fun at the expense of Lil Yachty. From Lil Yachty’s account they sent shots at Tekashi 6ix9ine and Chief Keef. The group also threatened to leak his DMs and any unreleased music he’s been working on. They also accused the rapper of flirting with underage girls. So far, they have shared one alleged direct message sent from Yachty to a 16-year-old girl.

The rapper appears to have reclaimed control of his Twitter account and wrote on social media:

They hate on me, but they hated on Jesus.

He also had choice words for the hackers.

Hackers need to get some pu–y.

Hackers also posted alleged screen shots between Yachty and an unidentified underage Twitter user.

“All that postin pics half-naked Yeen gotta do that. You know I’m 16 though? Haha,” she responded. “Thank you, okay I won’t do it again.”

Yachty says the DM’s are fake. Another troubling exchange reads

“16 is fine. 15 is the no go,” it continued, “Don’t play with me Imanni,”

As we previously reported, Lil Yachty was among those that attended the public memorial for slain rapper XXXTentacion in Florida. At a vigil for the fallen rapper, Yachty asked for an end to the gun violence.

By: DJ Diamond K

Authored by: TJB Writer