Brandy Shades Monica During Performance [VIDEO]

Brandy, Monica

Brandy Shades Monica During Performance

Twenty years later, the riff between singers Brandy and Monica may still be alive and well. Over the weekend, Brandy performed an many believe she took a jab at Monica. Brandy sang her and Monica’s chart-topping duet, “The Boy is Mine,” and alluded to the song belonging to her. She said toward the end of her performance,

The song is mine. I gotta claim what’s mine. If I don’t got the boy, I’ve got the song. You know what I’m saying?

This isn’t Brandy’s first time hinting to drama with Monica during a performance. As we previously reported, Brandy changed the lyrics to her song, “Talk About Our Love,” at the 2016 Soul Train Awards to slight Monica. She sang:

It’s always something, talking ish again then you’re whole fanbase jumps in now the whole ‘grams buzzing

Meanwhile, Monica hasn’t responded to Brandy’s antics, but she wants everyone to know she’s packing heat in real life and she’s a huge fan of the series, Power. The singer shared a photo on Instagram holding a gun, and dressed in a T-shirt that reads 50 Cent’s favorite phrase – “Get the Strap.” Monica commented:

@monicabrown I’m DD… aka Draco Denise… I’m sure Kanon got me in this mess!! We were childhood friends & he knows I will be around if he calls!! I got a box this Morning that’s changed everything ! I vowed that I was out but clearly I’m back in!! #PowerParty #WeTakeItSerious @50cent Has to tell most of you “Get The Strap” he knows his sister keeps it…. #TheseArentProps … Tune in Tonight … #PowerMyFavShow

Both of the ladies admitted to engaging in a fist fight after tensions came to a head in 1998. They reunited in 2012 for another duet, “It All Belongs to Me,” even appearing on the cover of Ebony. Tensions resurfaced during disagreements about who had the closer relationship with legendary singer Whitney Houston, and a tour they planned to co-headline.

Will Brandy and Monica’s beef ever end?

By: Miata Shanay

Authored by: TJB Writer