50 Cent – I’m Blocking Remy Ma Until She Can Get Control Of Papoose!

50 Cent, Remy Ma & Papooose

50 Cent and Papoose Take Shots At Each On Instagram

50 Cent can never seem to stay out of social media trouble. The rapper/Power actor is known for his outlandish comments and captions on Instagram. This time, hip-hop power couple Remy Ma and Papoose were on the receiving end. Remy Ma flaunted her recent weight loss with a sexy Instagram wearing a bodysuit and jeans. Of course, 50 couldn’t help himself and commented,

Damn Remy you lost mad weight, hey slim

Papoose didn’t take a liking to 50 Cent’s comment on his wife’s appearance. He clapped back, trolling50’s longtime girlfriend, Daphne Joy, in the process. He said:

Damn @daphnejoy no wedding yet? If @50cent doesn’t Marry you…I’ll introduce you to my homeboy. He’s more mature.

50 Cent took it a step further, posting a picture of Remy Ma adorned in lingerie. His caption read:

Remy blocked till she can get control of her husband and sh*t. All I said was she lost weight and pap start tripping. I’m not fighting nobody over there wife now. get the strap 

Papoose couldn’t let 50 out-petty him. He posted a picture of the rapper, appearing to be holding a sex toy, with the caption:


This is a play on words, of the “get the strap”-phrase 50 has been using frequently. As we previously reported, 50’s fellow Power co-star, Lala Anthony, says the catchphrase started on an episode of their show. She explained on Desus and Mero:

You’ll hear how it started [on Power]. The moment where Kanan says it on the show is such a moment that you’ll think, ‘Ah, that’s where it started.’

 By: Miata Shanay

Authored by: TJB Writer