Charlamagne’s Wife Calls Into Radio Show, Denies She Was Raped 1st Time They Had Sex: I Was Fully Coherent! [VIDEO]

Charlamagne’s Wife Calls Into Radio Show, Denies She Was Raped 1st Time They Had Sex: I Was Fully Coherent! [VIDEO]

Charlamagne Tha God is addressing a recent audio clip where he is heard saying the first time he had sex with his wife, he raped her. On Monday, an audio clip from Charlamagne’s podcast surfaced on Twitter, and in the 22 second clip, he confesses how he thought the first time he and his wife had sex was considered rape, noting that they both were “super young and drunk.” On the following Tuesday, the radio personality used his airtime to discuss the headline, briefly explaining the reason how the headline could have came into fruition.

While on The Breakfast Club, he cited that the basis of the discussion on his podcast was rape culture in conjunction with being intoxicated. He recalled seeing an article asking is “Drunk sex considered rape,” which ignited the discourse. Things seemed to have spiraled out of control to the point where Charlamagne has brought in his wife to provide better clarity to this sensitive topic. Charlamagne’s co-host, DJ Envy, calls his wife, Jessica Gadsden, while on air, in order to get her side of the story. Jessica begins,

Lenard, you need to learn how to tell stories. You shouldn’t have used the word rape, first of all. The conversation we were having is about rape culture. The conversation we were having was that you felt it was okay for you to have sex with me while I was intoxicated, that’s a rape culture thing, that’s not rape.

She continued,

So when you asked me that question, I was hesitant to answer you because you used the word rape, but I mean, that’s not what went down. We both know what happened. And I was not passed out, I was very coherent. Enough for me to lift up my hips and take my panties off. And the next morning, we had sex. That’s what I’m saying, your memory is for shit.


Gadsden is reportedly a 36-year-old personal trainer/fitness instructor, whose net worth is worth $1 million, and she holds multiple degrees. The couple said “I Do” in 2014 after almost 20 years of dating and friendship. According to the radio host, the two met in high school, and it was their daughter who convinced Charlamagne to pop the question; together, they have two daughters.

In addition to the allegations of sexually assaulting his wife, the author has also received major flak after a two year old audio clip from The Brilliant Idiots podcast surfaced where he explained a story of how gave a girl a “Spanish Fly” and had sex with her. He issued a statement regarding the clip,

Back in 2015, I attempted to have a dialogue about rape culture with an emphasis on the role men play…I can honestly say that I communicated that all wrong. For the record, in 1997 I was having consensual sex with a young lady.

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