Offset Attorney Believes His Recent Arrest Was Racially Motivated


Offset Believes His Recent Arrest Was Racially Motivated

Offset is blaming being “Handsome and Wealthy” for the reason he was pulled over by cops and arrested in Georgia last week.

There have been multiple reports as to why Offset was pulled over on July 20. Initially it was reported that the rapper was pulled over for having tinted windows. Subsequent reports said that the rapper’s vehicle was weaving between lanes. The arresting officer says he smelled marijuana upon approaching Offset’s car and that gave him probably cause to search the vehicle.

Offset’s attorney Drew Findling, isn’t buying it. In fact, due to the fact that the police report makes no mention of suspected impairment and a field test was not administered to determine Offset was impaired, his attorney feels it’s obvious he was targeted. Offset’s lawyer says,

It’s a common theme. We’re talking about a young, African-American man driving a shiny, beautiful luxury car and clad in designer clothes and watches and jewelry. Unfortunately people in his genre become a target for law enforcement who think that lifestyle is connected to some illegal activity … and that is a sad statement.

When police pulled Offset over, they found a small amount of weed and three guns in the vehicle. Offset’s assistant was the passenger in his vehicle and is licensed to carry. Findling reports that the guns belonged to him.  Offset was arrested and charged with illegally possessing 2 handguns, marijuana possession and making an improper lane change.

Authored by: Eleven8