Vivica A. Fox Calls Nicki Minaj Passive Aggressive – “Nicki Knows How To Push People’s Buttons”

Vivica A. Fox Shares Her Opinion On Nicki Minaj Vs. Cardi B  – “Nicki Knows How To Push People’s Buttons”

Actress Vivica A. Fox is the latest celebrity to weigh in on Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s altercation at New York Fashion Week party last weekend. While making an appearance on Sway In The Morning, Vivica discussed what she believed caused the incident.

I do believe that Nicki knows how to push people’s buttons and she does it very passive aggressively. And when she does that, it’s like, you keep on poking the bear and sooner or later the bear is going to react. When you’re poking the bear, that’s passive aggressive.

Cardi B, Nicki Minaj

When the bear attacks, then all of a sudden you retreat. I just feel, in my honest opinion, that her behavior is passive aggressive. Everybody knows that Cardi is reactive, right? We’ve seen that on the reality shows. She don’t take none. She will throw that shoe at you and most of the time it connects. 

When asked about Cardi not being remorseful for what happened, Vivica adds:

She’s gotta make better decisions. She cannot mess up her brand. She can not allow Nicki to help her mess up her brand. She’s moving to a different level. The higher you go, the thinner the air gets. 

What are your thoughts on Vivica’s statement?

Authored by: Eleven8