Vivica A. Fox’s Daytime Talk Show ‘Face The Truth’ Canceled 

Vivica Fox’s Daytime Talk Show ‘Face The Truth’ Canceled 

Daytime talk show ‘Face The Truth’ starring actress Vivica Fox as host, has been canceled just after one season. The CBS panel led by Fox, was produced by Stage 29 Productions. Other panelists included 3 additional women: attorney and advocate Areva Martin, psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, actress, life coach and mom Rosie Mercado, and Judge Mary Chrzanowski.

The show in its first season, featured real people presenting their problems big and small to the panel of women in search of solutions. One panelists of the daytime talk show, Judge Mary Chrzanowski posted a cryptic message on Instagram in light of the shows axe. Chrzanowski shares a Peanuts image that says,

”Sometimes I feel Like I’ve done all that I can do.”

Her post continues,

”Then it might be time to walk away, let go and let go do it. Not everything is meant for you to handle. Trust God.”

Fox, 54, posted her own cryptic message on Instagram alluding to wrong decisions.

“Life is all about making choices. Always do your best to make the right ones, and always do your best to learn from the wrong ones”


Authored by: Gregory Molette