Masika Kalysha On How She Got Out Of “Love & Hip-Hop” Contract, Why Public Should Stop Trashing Mona Scott-Young

Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalysha On How She Got Out Of “Love & Hip-Hop” Contract, Why Public Should Stop Trashing Mona Scott-Young

Masika Kalysha is coming clean about how she got out of her Love & Hip-Hop contract. In February, broke the story about the reality star reportedly quitting “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” due to her “outgrowing the show.”

In July, also broke the story the mother of one would be taking her talents to We TV’s “Growing Up Hip-Hop: ATL.” In a thread of tweets, Kalysha is explaining how she wiggled her way out from underneath the claws of Love & Hip-Hop.

She begins her explanation by accusing VH1 of black-balling her after she refused to film,

It’s amazing how many blessing God has literally dropped in my lap ever since @VH1 tried to black ball me. Stopped me from Hollywood Squares, the real, & even my realtor’s new show! Ha! (& SEVERAL more shows & opportunities) they told my friend they were ‘mad at me for a tweet.’

She further explains the environment she was in while filming for the franchise,

I was depressed. In a toxic mental state. I know I have a great purpose in this world but I know I was created to be a mother. & I made it very clear while I was pregnant. I will NO longer play along with the bullshit that can & will have impact on my child

Masika Kaylsha


I had to leave. I asked for my release. They laughed at me. Said I can quit but I will sit. Said they will never let me go to a competing show. Now after 3 Attorney’s told me what my contract said… and all 3 were WRONG, I hired a new attorney who actually knows the laws…& actually READS & not skims contracts. I thought I could just sit out 1 year & a day from my last episode (as I was told) but NO. It’s a year & a day from my last contracted season. For me it was 8 seasons. & I did 3 seasons… so that means 5 more seasons(years) PLUS 1 yr.


But there was no way on this earth I was going to stay & allow them to make me into a super monster hoe mom so I jumped Off the edge. No parachute. Quit. trusted God & not only did I get my release that I was told I would NEVER GET but I was on 2 new shows before the ink dried

Mona Scott-Young

Kalysha also gave props to Mona Scott-Young for the opportunity, and considered anyone who spoke ill of the super producer is considered fraudulent. Explaining,

Mona has a job to do just like we do & she has gotten such a bad rep for being the “face” of a franchise. But behind the scenes there’s so many people making decisions & pressing buttons that you will never see. They get to go home to their kids & wash the blood off their hands.

Catch the entire rant below.

Authored by: Andre Palmer