Omari Hardwick Blasted By Fan For Not Taking A Photo, Actor Responds

Power’s Omari Hardwick

Omari Hardwick Blasted By Fan For Not Taking A Photo, Actor Responds

Omari Hardwick is fed up with fans intersecting his character on television with his real life. The actor, who plays Ghost on Starz’s hit series Power,” has checked fans a few times about comparing his fictional character to his moral character in real life. As of recently, he detailed his displeasure in a fan who harassed the star for a photo while he was with his family. Another fan brought the situation to Omari’s attention via an Instagram comment, stating to Omari:

Heard you yelled at a girl who asked for a picture because you were with your her defense she didn’t who was [with] you. You actors be acting like your God. Knock it off playboy.

Omari provided a dissertation of a response, explaining his side of the story,

Let me kill yo f**kery, playboy. She got out of her car to follow me and my family maybe 200 yards…as this older sweet nanny tells us. She gets to me and ask for a pic. I say, as I always do, God bless you, I don’t do [pictures] when I’m with my family. Respectfully. She then responds, ‘So, I can’t get a picture with you?!’ With SHOCK in her face. She never acknowledges my family with a LOOK. I go, ‘Huh? You didn’t hear what I said?’

The woman from incident spoke up for herself, as well. She is claiming Omari is not being truthful about what happened. She writes,

You’re a liar. I walked off after saying, ‘Ah, really? Okay.’ Walked across the street, you started yelling…Your fans are who made you. A simple, ‘No, I don’t do pics when I’m with my family would have been nice.’ Your attitude is what shocked me, not the fact you wouldn’t take the pic.

In another comment she adds,

Y’all would have approached him as well, [but] being that it wasn’t y’all. Y’all have so much to say. Anyway, I know the truth and so [does] he. I’ve moved on and so has he. My thing is, don’t lie about it. I hate a liar. If you’re not approachable then so be it, I’m not the first he’s done this to, and won’t be the last.”

Omari responded,

We absolutely know the truth. You are a lost human. God bless your soul.

Another fan chimed in to criticize the actor for only responding to negative comments.

Your true fans understand. That’s why you should ignore this foolery. I hate that celebs primarily respond to negativity instead of their “true” fans positivity, however; I do understand that you’re human and that comes with emotions.

Omari responded to the aforementioned statement with a lengthy reply,

Please equally acknowledge how much I respond way more to beautiful positive real ones. So this is a misnomer for me as well. This fuck shit needed to be checked and never just for me. But for ALL in my position built like my character as a person or NOT. And for the you’s of the world equally…if your job came with the same mess.


But yea let’s keep it 100…if not 500, i respond to REAL fans way at an 8. I respond to not negativity but rather REAL high level fuck shit & that is still at a 2. From YOU….to everyone who chose to comment in defense & those who liked my comment I ALWAYS acknowledge and thank you as a true fans. Hence me putting quotations around the word as it pertained to that lost dark spirited woman.

He concluded his rant adding,

I’m a man who will always give back. Even my checking of fuckery is a carefully chosen ‘give back’ to the winners in life who ain’t got my stage size or heart size. Said it 100x…rather go call it a day and stare at a mountain listening to Donny Hathaway before I lose me.

Check the full exchange below.


Authored by: Andre Palmer