Birdman & Young Thug Could Be Charged For Lil’ Wayne Bus Shooting

Birdman and Young Thug Could Be Charged For Lil’ Wayne Tour Bus Shooting

Young Thug and Birdman may be charged as co-conspirators to a 2015 shooting on Lil’ Wayne’s tour bus. The man convicted of the shooting, Jimmy Winfrey, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 10 years on probation, but in July, his conviction was overturned by the Georgia Supreme Court, due to speculation that Winfrey was pressured to take a plea deal.


Now, the district attorney is re-reviewing the case and it is suspected the “On the Rvn” rapper and Cash Money Records CEO will likely be charged. Court documents outline Young Thug placed at least eight phone calls to Winfrey’s phone approximately 12 minutes before the shooting – the same phone court documents claim was registered under Birdman’s name – in addition to there being new evidence which reveals Birdman’s alleged corroboration with the crime. A leaked phone call between Winfrey and the CEO raises a few eyebrows about Birdman’s position, although he denies he did anything.

Young Thug

A local news station uncovered the new evidence and released it during the airing of a new block. The phone call is allegedly between Birdman and Winfrey, but only Birdman is talking. In the short clip the CEO insists,

Time for you to come out here and get this money…You done did everything you could do bruh…It’s an eye opener, bruh…strictly business man.

The district attorney is expected to reach a conclusion on the case in the coming weeks.

Authored by: Andre Palmer