Actor Tyler James Williams Slams Viral Anti-Black Woman Facebook Post

Tyler James Williams Slams Viral Anti-Black Woman Facebook Post

Everybody hates colorism! Everybody Hates Chris/Walking Dead actor, Tyler James Williams, doesn’t want to be the face of interracial relationships – especially not at the expense of Black women. A post has surfaced on Facebook, describing the pros of being a Black man dating a White woman. Attached is a collage of photos of two smiling, affectionate interracial couples, and a brunette carrying a Play Station 4 to her car. It can be implied that she’s purchased the video game console for her Black boyfriend. One of the smiling men in the photo of a couple is actor Tyler James Williams. This appears to be his high school prom photo. The post reads:

“I tell black men all the time the Grass is greener & more beautiful on the other side…. Why go home to a self entitled, combative, $5 median battle cat…. When you can go home to peace, Nurturing & caring nature, love and happiness…. She pays half the bills because she understands it takes 2 to hold down a household in today’s society…. She doesn’t mind being a woman because she knows her role…. They understand Men want love too and don’t wanna be paid to be in a relationship…. Get you a Real Woman, Bm….”

Tyler is offended that his image was used to characterize Black women as unlovable. He responded to the post with his own. It reads:

“I feel like I need to address this cause this dumb*ss used my face. I date who I date because that’s who I vibe with at the time. Any ethnicity. The grass ain’t greener nowhere.”

He continued:

“You’ve got a problem w black women cause you a weak *ss man, fam. And this post proves it.”

Oop! Not only does Tyler not discriminate when it comes to his love life, he publicly dated “16 at War” singer Karina Pasian who is of Dominican descent. It was confirmed on Christmas Eve of 2013 when he retweeted a song Karina did with singer/songwriter Tank. He tweeted:

“My girlfriend sings better than yours :) RT @karinapasian: “False Masters” @therealtank response! :)”

He also made a cameo in Karina Pasian’s music video, “Solitaire.”

Did Tyler James Williams overreact to the viral Facebook post?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay