Offset Calls Joe Budden A “H*e A** N*gga” Over His Comments About Cardi B

Cardi B, Offset, Joe Budden

Offset Addresses Joe Budden Over Cardi B – “You A H*e A** N*gga”

Offset is upset over Joe Budden speaking on Cardi B on his weekly recap show, State of the Culture. The show’s panelists Joe Budden, Remy Ma, Scottie Beam, and Jinx discussed Cardi B recently turning herself in to police and being charged with two misdemeanors stemming from the strip club brawl that took place earlier this summer in Queens, NY.

Remy Ma was the first to offer her take, saying that Cardi B will have more people out to get her now that she’s a star.

If this was still Cardi B from the Bronx, she wouldn’t have a court case right now. I’ve seen footage of Cardi B From The Bronx having fights online and there was no lawsuit, there was nobody calling the cops. Once again, once you’re famous, people place themselves in positions and are willing to take the ass whooping, get punched in the face, get beat up and do whatever they think they can do to provoke you.

Joe Budden echoed Remy’s statements, adding that Cardi is a megastar who should know not to make certain mistakes at this point in her career. He says,

Every time Cardi’s name comes up, I keep saying, because I care about her and because I love her, that she should move differently. Enjoy the Lambo trucks, enjoy Offset, enjoy Atlanta, enjoy being the #1 artist on Atlantic Records but you can’t send b*tches or n*ggas to Angels to beat up b*tches. I’m not saying she did that but if that’s what happened, no that’s not ‘Oh, you’re allowed to make mistakes’. You can’t make that mistake. You can’t be a megastar and send n*ggas to Angels because you’re gonna go to jail. 

Although no real shots were fired, Offset apparently did not like what he heard from Budden. He took to Instagram to call the fellow rapper out. Under a post on Budden’s Instagram, Offset said:

I watched ya show u a grown ass nigga speaking on women I seen u in Barnes and u ran like I was gone do sum to you lol. U a hoe ass Nigga soon u get touched u gone be police.

Do you think what Budden said warranted Offset’s reaction?


Authored by: Eleven8