Hazel E Reignites Feud W/ Yung Miami & Joseline Interjects + Yung Miami Responds “I Will Beat Either One Of You H*es To Death” 

Hazel E Reignites Feud W/ Yung Miami & Joseline Interjects + Yung Miami Responds “I Will Beat Either One Of You H*es To Death”

Just when we were starting to forget about the feud between Hazel E and City GirlsHazel E reminded us about their issues when she released a diss track Tuesday. In the artwork for the song, she crossed out the name of City Girls’ hit Act Up, and wrote Add It Up. She featured a photo of City Girls and Lil Yachty, who she also dissed.

She started with calling out City Girls member, Yung Miamiwhose real name is Caresha Romeka. She referenced Yung Miami’s group member, JTwhose serving a 2-year prison sentence for fraud. She’s expected to be released in 2020.

Some of the lyrics Hazel E rapped are,

“Let me show you little girls the true meaning of being a diva. You still got the scent of piss in your panties Lil Caresha…”

“I been acting up and y’all play follow the leader…Copy my brand b**** y’all just follow the teacher.”

“Caresha, you got a problem now you need a feature…No cameras, no flashes, no applause. Joanne, the real scam…all fraud. Your career’s at a standstill, the light’s getting dark. Now you got more time to take your son to the park. I’m a real boss I truly sign checks. You just got signed you truly sign debt.”

She then took a shot at Lil Yachty and rapped,

“Lil Boat wrote your s***, is you serious?”

Lil Yachty

She even referenced her previous relationship with comedian Katt Williams and rapped,

“Okay I took a step back when I f***ed with Katt. Funny thing I got a ring and didn’t give it back.”

Check out the full song below.

Of course things didn’t end there.

Joseline Hernandez jumped in and said she was Team Hazel all the way.

Yung Miami broke her silence and said Joseline can meet her in Miami. She called her out for being a “man” and said she and her family will “drag” Joseline “back to Atlanta.”

She then added a throwback video of Hazel E in bandages after an accident and told her,

“You still ugly and you STILL look like a MAN! I’m done”

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Yung Miami then had a message for Hazel and Joseline. 

“Ian bout to play with no mans on coke y’all h*es want attention now y’all got it! On my son I will beat either one of you h*es to death just cause b****es throw drinks and pull hair cross tables on TV don’t do s*** to me! I’m from Miami I don’t see none of that commercial s*** joseline you on coke bad you get high and eat p***y for fun who respects you h*e? Hazel you wish you was signed to QC nobody know you or your music…what checks you signing you delusional a** b**** you was crying for berg to help with your career you clown a** b****.”

Yung Miami also added an Instagram story that says,

“My family love to fight.”

Hernandez also shared a video where she said,

“I been on TV since you had boogers in your nose. Respect the throne h*e. Respect the throne before you get your head busted. Now get credits like me h*e. That’s what you do.”

Yung Miami’s boyfriend, Southside, also stepped in and threatened to punch both Hazel and Joseline. 

Yung Miami also said,

“Love & Hip Hop be having those big a** securities but y’all know y’all can’t fight. Don’t compare no Love & Hip Hop fight with no real street fight.”

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Masika Kalysha, Hazel E’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood arch nemesis also chimed in and reminded fans of the time she attacked Hazel E. 

While Yung Miami has since deleted her responses from her page, Joseline’s ex Stevie J chimed in and said he’s with Yung Miami. 

Their feud started after Hazel E claimed City Girls’ hit Act Up, copied her 2017 song, Actin’ Up.

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Authored by: Char