Social Media Star Lil Tay’s Father Accused Of Child Abuse

Social Media Star Lil Tay’s Father Accused Of Child Abuse

Viral social media sensation, Lil Tay (real name Claire Hope), has faced a lot of criticism in her young career.  The 11-year-old has been accused of cultural appropriation, criticized over her use of vulgarity and accused of lying about her wealth on social media to gain recognition. She received so much negative attention that her mother allegedly lost her job. Now, it appears there is more drama coming her way.

Christopher John Hope, Lil Tay’s father, is facing allegations of child abuse over a post he believes was uploaded by Tay’s brother, Jason Tian. According to Hope, Jason Tian assumed control of Lil Tay’s Instagram account and has encouraged others or allowed the account to be used by third parties to conduct criminal extortion and harassment, including death threats. One of the posts showed Lil Tay crying. The post suggested that Lil Tay was ordered into her father’s custody and implied that her father and stepmother were abusive.

The social media posts said that Tay’s father  “handed her a court order forcing her to go to his home in Canada” and then threatened Tay’s mother if she did not comply. This information was offered as an explanation as to why Lil Tay has been missing from social media.

Lil Tay’s account has since been scrubbed clean after Hope, who is an attorney in Canada, sent Instagram a cease and desist notice. Hope also says he has a court order giving him ultimate power in legal decisions over Lil Tay. According to Chris Jones, who is part of Lil Tay’s team and works with her on her music, the young social media star’s account was hacked for a second time.

The account has been hacked.  I nor anyone have access to that account at the moment. At the moment, no one has access to the Instagram.

Authored by: Eleven8