Michelle Williams Defends Fiance Chad Johnson After He Questions Her Mental Health – “We take a soundbite & judge a person”

Michelle Williams Defends Fiance Chad Johnson After He Questions Her Mental Health – “We take a soundbite & judge a person”

Michelle Williams and her fiance Chad Johnson had social media going wild when they revealed an argument they had that lead Johnson to ask Michelle if she had taken her meds. In the clip from their reality show, Michelle and Chad had a virtual meeting with their marriage counselor and told her about a disagreement they had over Michelle’s communication. Michelle said:

Communication this week has been good until last night. We had a disagreement. I said something to him along the lines of, ‘Well Chad, because you are not black, you would not understand why I communicate the way I do. Maybe because you didn’t grow up around a lot of black people And so that was very very offensive to Chad. He talked about a moment of how I said it’s because I’m black, and you’re white, and you don’t know how black people talk.

However, the mention of race caused Chad to get defensive and bring up Michelle’s mental health.

But this is not to justify, but yesterday when we had the disagreement, he says, ‘Did you take your meds today?’ Now THAT!

After receiving backlash for his comments, Michelle has taken it upon herself to defend her future husband. In an interview with Frank & Wanda, she says,

That conversation that we were talking about happened the night before. It was not filmed so people don’t know what I was saying to Chad for Chad to be like, ‘Did you take your meds?’ Now, I didn’t like when he say that. But people also did not hear when he apologized.

I think that’s what irritates us. We are a soundbite generation. We won’t take the time and the effort to actually watch a whole episode. We will take a soundbite and we judge a person, we judge a show, we judge a relationship based off of one little clip. He apologized and I apologized for cutting. I got my momma in me, I can cut you with my words.

That was based off of communication. He took something the wrong way and I literally said, ‘Was it because I’m a Black woman? ‘And you don’t understand that my elevated voice is out of passion and not anger. I’m so animated that I could wear Black people out.

But we didn’t want to make it a thing about race. It literally is, ‘How do I communicate?’ Because he’s not the only person who’s told me my words cut. My mother, my friends have told me the same thing. So it’s not a Black and White thing. It literally is just me just, ‘You need to kind of tone it down.’

Chad and Michelle had to leave before Chad could be asked about making comments about Michelle’s mental health once again. Watch the video clips below.

Authored by: TJB Writer