Michelle Williams Fiance Slammed For Seemingly Throwing Her Mental Illness In Her Face

Michelle Williams Fiance Slammed For Seemingly Throwing Her Mental Illness In Her Face

Viewers of the OWN Network’s Chad Loves Michelle have gotten into a tizzy on social media over a recent clip of the Grammy Award Winner Michelle Williams and Pastor Chad Johnson’s new reality show about their ongoing love story. The clip specifically depicts a scene in the episode where Chad and Michelle are having a digital meeting with their marriage counselor. When asked what’s the energy been like between the couple, Michelle reveals,

Communication this week has been good until last night. We had a disagreement. I said something to him along the lines of, ‘Well Chad, because you are not black, you would not understand why i communicate the way i do. Maybe because you didn’t grow up around a lot of black people And so that was very very offensive to Chad. He talked about a moment of how i said it’s because I’m black, and you’re white, and you don’t know how black people talk.

In Chad’s diagnosis of the disagreement,

To me, it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, green, yellow. It doesn’t matter. If you know that the other person was like, I didn’t like the way you said that, then seek to find some understanding as to why that person didn’t like what you said. And let’s keep that the issue, not pull in all these other things. Because then it feels like you’re just trying to cut. And it feels like you’re just trying to push further away.

After the clip began to gain traction, social media responded differently and the show overall.

One user wrote,

I think it’s so weird that people wanna date outside their race but get uncomfortable talking about race. #ChadLovesMichelle

One more shared,

As a person who actually watches Chad Love Michelle, I like Chad. I would rather eat lead paint chips than marry into that family, but to each her own.

Another said,

Ah now we see what’s wrong with Chad.That cheap shot at Michelle’s mental health b/c she stated correctly that there are specific things he wouldn’t understand b/c he’s ‘White’

While another observed how the finacé took a dig at her depression cycle,

Michelle Williams, fiancè Chad Johnson argue over race and he threw hella shade about her mental health………

Michelle brings this information up to the counselor within the session as well. She says,

But this is not to justify, but yesterday when we had the disagreement, he says, ‘Did you take your meds today?’ Now THAT!

Johnson tries to make up his sentiments, stating,

That was Dr. Thema – I would never go there..

Watch the clip below.

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Authored by: Andre Palmer