Justine Skye Apologizes For Not Believing Domestic Abuse Survivors, Says She’s No Longer Friends w/ Ian Connor Who Was Accused of Rape

Justine Skye Apologizes For Not Believing Domestic Abuse Survivors, Says She’s No Longer Friends w/ Ian Connor Who Was Accused of Rape

Justine Skye has had a revelation about victims of abuse after recently becoming one herself. Last month, the singer revealed that she had been the victim of an abusive relationship that she kept secret until releasing a song about it recently. However, her fans were quick to remind her that she was not so forgiving to fans who accused her then-friend, Ian Connor, of rape a few years ago.

In the since-deleted tweets, Justine reportedly insinuated that Connor’s multiple alleged victims were just looking for clout.

Kehlani was the first celebrity to address the situation, saying that it doesn’t take becoming a victim to empathize with victims.

You shouldn’t have to experience abuse as a woman to side with and believe other women about abuse. Don’t let that be what gets you to understand and empathize. Please be there for eachother… regardless. It saves lives. 

Justine agreed, taking to Twitter to apologize to the women she doubted.

This definitely one of the most difficult and dark times that I’ve experienced but life is about growth. I’m definitely not afraid to admit my faults. And I agree…it shouldn’t have to take experiencing abuse to empathize… This has been a tough lesson but I apologize for the tweet I made a few years ago. I defended someone I considered family at the time, but as a woman I should have never gotten involved. I apologize for being naive and continuing to be friends with someone who I learned wasn’t a good person and for sure doesn’t give a damn about women. I’ve always been extremely private about my life but if I can come out and speak about my situation, I can publicly say that I am sorry to anyone I may have hurt or disappointed. 

She continued,

I hope many of you are taking into consideration the things you tweet and share on social media right now.. you never know where you’ll be in a couple years and how what you’ve said could effect that. 

Ian Connor

When asked if she and Ian Connor were still friends, Justine answered,

We’re no longer friends.. people don’t make announcements when friendships end.. that’s all.

Justine Skye has not revealed who her abuser was, however many of her fans speculate it was music newcomer Sheck Wes, after Justine favorited tweets eluding to it being him on Twitter.

Sheck Wes

As for why she hasn’t named names, Justine says that no one really cares anyway.

I never said who it was because I knew it wouldn’t matter to a lot of you.. it’s just something for you to talk about today. That’s just the reality of it. But I made a video about it in hopes that it can inspire someone else get away for their abusive partner.. That was my goal.

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