Phaedra Parks & New Boyfriend Tone Kapone Spotted On Date In LA [VIDEO]

Phaedra Parks & Tone Kapone Go One A Sushi Date

The relationship between Phaedra Parks and WGCI radio personality Tone Kapone is steadily pushing forward. The pair confirmed their involvement with one another via Instagram posts and television appearances last week.

Tone Kapone, Phaedra Parks

While the two are dating each other via long distance (Kapone via Chicago and Parks via Georgia), this week breeds public outings and more social media exposure.

Parks and Kapone went on a dinner date while in California at the Beverly Hill’s restaurant Katana. The following night, they went to a NBA game and hit the club afterward. They shared about their experience via Instagram Stories and photos as they enjoyed sushi and each other’s company. Watch the video below.

Authored by: Andre Palmer