Will Smith Calls Ex Wife His ‘Best Baby Mama’, Tells Her He Loves Her + Chris Rock Hilariously Chimes In

Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Send A Loving Birthday Message To Will’s Ex-Wife Sheree Zampino

It’s no secret that Will Smith still has a great relationship with his ex-wife Sheree Zampino. Will and Sheree were married from 1992–1995. The share one son together, Will’s oldest, Trey Smith. Things haven’t always been great between Sheree and Jada, who Will married two years after he and Sheree divorced, but things are 100 times better now.

Last week, Sheree celebrated her 51st birthday and both Will and Jada shared sweet birthday messages for her.

Will took to Instagram to wish Sheree a happy birthday. He posted:

Happy Bday, @shereezampino. #BestBabyMamaEver! :-) I Love You, Ree-Ree

His birthday love even took Chris Rock by surprised. The comedian responded:

Wow. You have a very understanding wife.


And it’s true, Jada is very understanding. She also sent Sheree a heartfelt birthday wish on Instagram.

Happy Birthday @shereezampino! Whew Chile! It’s been a hell of a journey between us and I’m grateful! You have been the provider of many ego deaths and profound lessons.  And through it all, I’m so happy we’ve found space to laugh together, cry together and share joy together within our blended family. You’ve been a gift. I’m wishing you the world ??


It’s good to see that all of the adults involved are setting a good example for their children.

Authored by: Kellie Williams