Samuel L. Jackson’s Anti Trump Tweets Reported, Actor Responds: Some Motherf*cker Tried It!

Trolls Report Samuel L. Jackson’s Donald Trump Tweet

Actor Samuel L. Jackson is a masterful curse-word connoisseur, and it gets even better on social media. He continued his well-documented disdain for Donald Trump on Twitter – this time in response to Trump’s Mexico Wall controversy. Sam tweeted:

“Why is that Hemorrhoid threatening to shut down the Government over a Wall budget? What happened to “and Mexico is gonna pay for it”??!!#ineversaidthat#yesthefuckyoudidmotherfucker”

He continued, showing a screenshot of a notification he received from Twitter. Someone reported Samuel L. Jackson’s tweet as a violation of the social media site’s rules, in which  Twitter confirmed deleting the tweet wouldn’t be necessary. Sam replied:

“Hahahahahahahaha Hahahahahaha,ah ah ah….hahahahahahahaha, some Muthafukka tried it,ahhhhahahahaha”

Ha! Can’t you hear his laugh through the tweet? But Samuel L. Jackson isn’t new to politics. During the recent primaries, Sam endorsed two candidates with commercial advertisements.

If Samuel L. Jackson’s tweets are being reported – are Donald Trump’s tweets be on the chopping block, too?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay