Jhene Aiko: I Thought I Was Going To Die The Night Before I Took This Picture

Jhene Aiko Recalls Scary Experience

Singer Jhene Aiko shared a sentimental message on Instagram a few days ago, but later took it down. The singer, who is suspected to be working on new music, revealed a moment when she coughed up blood and experienced extreme pain.

…that night after i ate, my head started pounding like never before. So much pain, BUT i promisedmyself…no more pills!! EVER! Not even Tyelonl pm, which is all i had with me anyways. So i just let my head ache. I found myself on the bathroom floor…throwing up until i saw blood. I reached out to a few people i love, because i was alone and wasn’t sure what to do…but the island time is so different…everyone was either asleep or on their way. I didn;t want to worry or bother. So i closed my eyes and took 3 deep breaths that turned into morning. I was so happy that i was alive.


The next day, right b4 i left to the airport. I went to the beach at the hotel and dipped myself in the Pacific. It felt like a baptism of some sort. never too late to start again. Never too late to get better.

Check out the full message below.

Since the post has caught attention, she has removed the caption, and utilized the option of limiting comments on her posts.

In her message, she said she thought she was going to die the evening she experienced severe discomfort; it’s a great she’s still breathing!

Authored by: Andre Palmer