[Audio] K.Michelle Cries On Radio Show, Says Memphitz Threatened to Kill Her Child

Can this get any messier? It certainly sounds that way. The public drama surrounding Love & Hip-Hop’s K.Michelle and her alleging that her ex-boyfriend, Memphitz, physically abused her during their relationship, continue. Monday afternoon (on the same day that episode two airs), a very emotional K. Michelle called into Atlanta radio show, V-103, defending her story, reporting that she was telling the truth about what happened between her and Memphitz. In between tears (Part 1), she also claimed that Memphitz had threatened to kill her child, if she told the public about the abuse. And she also claims that Memphitz tried to smother her with a towel and hit her with a water bottle. Yikes!

Listen to Part 1 of the interview:

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Listen to Part 2 of the interview (Please disregard the background noise):


Stay tuned for the rest of the emotional interview.