Future’s Alleged 6th Baby Mama Reveals Baby Bump [Photo]

Future’s Alleged Sixth Baby Mama Gives First Look at Baby Bump

The future is bright for Instagram model Eliza Reign – with or without the father of her unborn child. Rapper Future‘s alleged sixth baby mama is finally bearing her baby bump for the world to see. Despite the negativity of her pregnancy, she posted a sweet photo smiling while caressing her belly on Instagram.

As we previously reported, Eliza claims Future threatened her with physical violence if she didn’t abort the baby. She also says her friends and family were threatened before the rapper cut off all contact with her.

Meanwhile, Future and dancer Joie Chavis confirmed that they’ll be welcoming a baby boy together after months of speculation of paternity. The rumored couple celebrated their bundle of joy with a lavish Los Angeles gender reveal party in November.

The mother of Future’s son, Prince – designer/socialite Brittni Mealy – wants fans to stop tagging her in news of Future’s future children. She said this on a recent Instagram post:

“I appreciate yall stop tagging me and associating me with my son’s father and whatever he got going on. Let me make things crystal clear. I am not with him in no way and never will be again.”

Upon confirmation of paternity, Eliza Reign’s unborn baby will be Future’s sixth child. Congratulations, Eliza Reign!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay