Future – Woman Named Eliza Reign Says She Is Pregnant By Rapper, Claims He Threatened Her To Get An Abortion

Future – Woman Named Eliza Reign Says She Is Pregnant By Rapper, Claims He Threatened Her To Get An Abortion

A model by the name of Eliza Reign is claiming to be the latest woman to get pregnant by Future. However, she says the rapper is not happy about her pregnancy and threatened physical violence against her unless she aborted the child. In a lengthy post on Instagram, Eliza Reign detailed her relationship with Future and why she remained quiet.

As many people who know me outside of social media have suspected. I am pregnant! I wanted to enjoy this moment and take time off social media to bond with my unborn child and RELAX, which was highly recommended by my doctor, considering it’s a high risk pregnancy. I also have been dreading this moment because the attention and dragging that would come with this announcement. 

I feel that no woman should have to endure the mental abuse and stress I’ve encountered behind this pregnancy. 

Eliza Reign goes on to say that she was aware of the other women in Future’s life when she and the rapper began messing around on and off two years ago. In September, Eliza Reign says she began to get sick and that is when she found out she was pregnant — and the baby was Future’s. She says the rapper asked her to have an abortion and although she initially thought about it, after a few weeks she decided to keep the baby. This did not go over well with Future.

He went ballistic. Having members of his camp call me and friends come by my job asking about me. It got so bad, out of fear I started to slow down on working. Which everyone knows how much I loved that spot and the money. The most sad part about it is I could understand if I trapped him with a condom trick or something but me and dude literally had sex for years UNPROTECTED! 

And for the record the unprotected sex was his suggestion because he truly claims he hates condoms.  

Eliza says she’s received threatening texts from Future and he eventually blocked her from contacting him. She says that after being blocked she got a phone call from someone who said

“be careful, I heard Future want yo head.”

She also claims that friends have received similar phone calls about Future putting a price on her head.

The posts have since been deleted from Eliza Reign, according to her, they were reported by Future’s camp.


Future seemed to possibly respond to the accusations, claiming that they are all lies and Eliza is out for money.

Future is currently awaiting the arrival of his fifth child with Joie Chavis. Could Eliza Reign be having his sixth? Let us know in the comments. 

Authored by: TJB Writer