Kevin Hart Buys 9 Vintage Cars For Close Friends

Kevin Hart Buys 9 Vintage Cars For Close Friends

Christmas isn’t over until Kevin Hart says so! The comedian keeps a tight-knit group of friends around him in the form of the Plastic Cup Boyz and HartBeat Productions, and he decided to treat them holiday season. Kevin gifted nine of his boys with their own rare vintage cars! The “Laugh At My Pain” comedian had each friend’s name printed on a red card on the hood of their new vehicle. He posted an Instagram video describing the grand surprise:

“@kevinhart4real Just treated my guys to Old School cars….This tour has been amazing. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my team. Love y’all…..We ride together we die together….Plastic Cup Boyz for Life!!!!!! #irresponsibletour #MyBrothers ….. @naimlynn @justtrain @wayne215 @joeywells5 @johnburgandee @spankhorton @kevinkwan327 @hgoodspeed & Nate Smith …. Thank you @vanguardmotors”

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Vintage cars for the whole crew #kevinhart

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He continued, posting more photos of the guys and their cars, saluting their bond. Kevin Hart says they can officially start their own car club!

“@kevinhart4real Yup…We are officially getting a old…Me & my guys started a car club We are the “Plastic Cup Boyz Car Club”….we are getting jackets and hats and gloves with no finger tips….Old man fun We drink coffee and talk cars on sundays #PlasticCupBoyCarClub #SundayFunday ….We are missing @naimlynn & @kevinkwan327 from this photo & we had to crop our good friend @thedavidaarnold out of the pic. We love u tho Dave ps…. go follow @plasticcupboyzcarclub page”

The Plastic Cup Boyz took to their own Instagram pages to show their appreciation for Kevin’s bromantic gesture:

“@kevinkwan327 Appreciate the F outta you @kevinhart4real #hartbeatproductions #irresponsibletour my guy said he wants us to ride together so he bought us all a (car emoji) #igotthebestone #76stingray #ilovemyteam @vanguardmotors got the goods #dopepicinc #icried”

“@joeywells5Man! For all you VW fans. @kevinhart4real got me a 1956 Beetle!If you’re not into bugs you dont get it. But for those that are in that world you know!!! #BLESSED #PCB”

“@johnburgandeeI’m more than grateful for the opportunity to work with @kevinhart4real … but this right here !!! Omg!! This takes the cake #oldschoolsundays #backpackfullofclippers #irresponsibletour #plasticupboyzcarclub”

“@justtrainI’m in awwwww brother! @kevinhart4real just surprised the whole team with New Old Schools! 65 mustang! This is incredible! Thank You. Love You.”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay