Christian Keyes Wants Gay Men to Stop Sliding in His DMs: “If I respect your truth, respect mine!”

Christian Keyes

Christian Keyes Wants Gay Men to Stop Sliding in His DMs: “If I respect your truth, respect mine!”

It goes down in the DM, but actor/model Christian Keyes wants it to stop. The “Contempt” actor is ending any possible speculation on his sexuality in a direct way. He took to Instagram to address his dissatisfaction with gay men approaching him aggressively on social media. He wants the eggplant emojis and DM-sliding to stop. He said:

“This might get me in trouble, but, oh well. It needs to be addressed. Respect the people’s truths. I got nothing but love for all our brothers and sisters in the gay community. Period. It ain’t my business. That’s between you, who you love, and God. With that being said, and respecting each other’s truth – If I respect your’s, respect mine. Gentlemen – let’s not be in the comment section with the eggplant emojis and the sexual comments. I’m not a fan of that.”

He continued:

“I appreciate you supporting my work, but let’s not be in the DM talkin’ ’bout, ‘Hey sexy, what’s up? What’s good?’ Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So, again, if I respect your truth, respect mine. Respect people’s truth. We don’t need to be harassin’ nobody and doing all of that, man. It’s too much, it’s too aggressive. I say, let’s not do that, and let’s just respect who people are genuinely. I think that’s a fair request.”

Christian made sure to disable the comments on this post, which is an unspoken cue for, in the words of NeNe Leakes, “I said what I said.” But Christian Keyes is just as guilty of shooting his shot in DMs as we are. Last year, he revealed that he reached out to a woman that he wishes he would have approached earlier, and it ultimately didn’t end up working out.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay