Chance The Rapper Reacts to Friends Who’ve Been Accused of Sexual Assault – I’m Ashamed Of Y’all

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Chance the Rapper

Chance The Rapper Reacts to Friends Who’ve Been Accused of Sexual Assault – I’m Ashamed Of Y’all

Chance the Rapper has made a statement following stories he’s seen and heard from victims who’ve been sexually assaulted by his friends. The Chicago rapper’s name was placed in the pool of hot oil after his brief appearance on “Surviving R. Kelly” Saturday (Jan. 5), where he stated he made a mistake by making a song with R. Kelly in 2015, while suggesting how he didn’t believe the survivors of Kelly’s abuse initially, because they were black women.

Following his appearance, women have came forward sharing their graphic experiences on Twitter, one in particular, @pppermint, has stated she’s been sexually assaulted by at least two of Chance’s friends, Preston “towkio” Oshita and drummer Greg “Stix” Landfair Jr..

Chance responded to the stories on Wednesday (Jan. 9),

In the past 2 days I’ve heard too many stories of domestic abuse, sexual violence and rape perpetrated by ppl I called friends. I am ashamed of yall. These stories will be amplified and your victims will receive the justice they deserve.

Another of the accused, poet and suspected former friend of Chance named Malcolm London came forward before his account was suspended. He admitted to sexually assaulting a woman in 2015. Adding,

Tonight I’ve been made aware of other interactions that i need to truly reflect on. Though I am surprised, I do not intend to ignore what is being said and wholeheartedly want to continue to be held accountable….I do not take lightly the necessary commitment to ending gender violence. I am committed to constantly educating myself, other men & boys on enthusiastic consent & ending rape culture. I will be off of social media while I continue to listen and reflect.

towkio has yet to respond to claims he sexually assaulted Twitter user @pppermint, but Stix the brother to the alleged then-14-year-old victim R. Kelly urinated on while on video, did direct message her offering an apology while asking her to tell the “truth” while sharing her story. The victim shared the message she received from Stix.

Authored by: Andre Palmer