Loni Love In Tears Over Beyonce’s “Formation”, Reacts to Amy Schumer’s Parody [VIDEO]

Loni Love In Tears Over Beyonce's "Formation", Reacts to Amy Schumer's Parody

Loni Love

Loni Love In Tears Over Beyonce’s “Formation”

Amy Schumer is making headlines, receiving criticism for posting a parody video in which she and Goldie Hawn perform Beyoncé’sFormation”. Comedian Wanda Sykes and actress Joan Cusack also appear in the video. Check it out below.

While some found the parody hilarious, others found it offensive. The Twitter hashtag #AmySchumerGottaGoParty erupted, dragging Schumer over the parody. On Wednesday, The Real debated on the “Formation” parody controversy. Co-host Loni Love became emotional when voicing her opinion. She says,

When “Formation” came out, we’ve been going through all this civil unrest. People are upset and um, a lot of black women feel like they’ve been put to the bottom. Um, that they’ve been brushed aside and Beyonce came out and gave them some power.

Loni Love In Tears Over Beyonce's "Formation", Reacts to Amy Schumer's Parody


When she came out at the Superbowl with that outfit on and she marching and she like on top of the police car in the video, she felt good. She felt [Loni begins to cry] good about herself. I don’t think Beyonce realized the power that she gave to a group of women.

Loni continued,

So, I know some people are saying ‘oh, everybody lighten up.’ You don’t understand. We have some issues in this country. We need to get through these issues. And you’ve got to respect their point of view. I’m crying because I can feel their pain. I’m reading their comments. Sisters, I understand where you all are coming from, but nobody is making fun of you all. The thing is that when we have a show like this [pointing around the table to her fellow co-hosts], when you can put, you know, two and a half [referring to Tamera who is interracial]. [referring to Adrienne] She’s 7% and [referring to Jeannie], she all the way Asian. But she’s a woman of color. We are making progress in this country. That’s why it’s important for us to keep pushing.

See the clip.

Was Amy’s parody offensive to you?

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Authored by: Kellie Williams