[INTERVIEW] T.O.’s Former Publicist Chimes In On Ex-NFL’er Appearing on ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’

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Most of us were introduced to Kita Williams as the passionate publicist to ex-NFL’er, Terrell Owens. For two seasons (and some change), Kita and her partner Monique Jackson, rode the reality TV train on Vh1 (‘The T.O. Show’), helping T.O. reshape his career and assist with his personal life. Since then, both parties have moved on.

kita williams-terrell owens-iyanla fix my life-the jasmine brand

Recently, we learned that T.O. would be featured on Iyanla Vanzant’s OWN show, ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’. Promotional teasers for the show have yet to come out, but we did catch up with Kita, asking what she thought of T.O.’s upcoming appearance on the show AND we got into her own personal business (we had to ask about her upcoming nuptials). Check out our conversation below.

Jasmine BRAND: I want to ask you – we know that your former client Terrell Owens was on a ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ on Own – we haven’t seen it yet. What are your thoughts?  

Well, he is my former client but you know, I think a lot of our lives needs to be fixed. Honestly I think Iyanla is one of the best people to delve into what Terrell needs right now. Of course most of us remember me and Mo from the T.O show, but there was a lot going on beyond the cameras and I think that Iyanla can really help him as he transitions from football into his real life. And I think personally, there are a lot of things that he hasn’t dealt with because all his life, he has been ‘T.O’ – the football player. He needs understand how to be Terrell Owens – the man, the father, you know the person that he may not have met yet. I think a lot of us had preconceived notions that – right now we’re not on great terms but I really think that Mo and I have really been supportive. We’ve spoken with Ms. Iyanla  about it and several times prior to him doing this and I’m really excited that this is an opportunity that he finally felt like you know, time for him to put himself out there other than being on the field. Now trust me when I tell you that it’s going to be very moving and very emotional. There’s going to be things that people don’t know about Terrell but I think that’s the part that we love about him is that, he can be vulnerable. And being transparent, it takes courage! You know what I mean, because we know a girl like she ain’t going for no bull crap. She’s going to fix your life all the way to the core.

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She really is. Before I let you go – when are we getting married? I mean I see you and your husband and you’ve been together – forever.

Forever. Well, I’m still engaged, we’re going to walk down that aisle – I think Iyanla might need to fix my life a little bit too. In the meantime, she needs to fix my marriage so I can get down the aisle. You know what, I just got engaged, I just finished premarital counselling with Bishop Omar and it’s important for us to have that first but we’re looking at 2014 to do it right. No fornicating anymore.

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