Swae Lee Begs Girlfriend For Forgiveness After Getting Caught Cheating

Swae Lee Begs Girlfriend For Forgiveness After Getting Caught Cheating

A wise man once sang the lyrics, “This could be us, but you’re playing!” Well, that same man got caught playing. Rae Sremmurd member, Swae Lee, is in the doghouse with his girlfriend, designer Marlie.

Social media users have noticed that Instagram model, Clarisse Juliette, is accompanying him while he’s in Thailand on business.

Several of Swae’s and Clarisse’s Instagram Story and Snapchat posts have been shot in identical locations – including Rae Sremmurd’s concert at Sugar Club. Many believe this was a dead giveaway!

Marlie immediately caught on to Swae’s shenanigans, and she posted her bae experiencing a range of emotions in her iMessages. Swae plead for Marlie to answer with the following messages:

“Babe I’m coming home to you I don’t want anybody else I swear to god

Marlie I just got on my iPad are you okay

Let’s take a trip me and you

I didn’t fly her here

I promise you

What did you do

I promise you marlie if you did something I’m setting it off”

Despite her vengeful screenshots, Marlie seems to be unbothered. All of her posts include multiple laugh-face emojis. Swae Lee’s text message mission didn’t end in Marlie’s inbox. He also took his desperate pleas to her friends’ Instagram DMs. She posted:

“1 of my 5 friends he messaging to get in contact with the b*tch he so in love with duh

His friends message me, he calls me off private numbers come on suck my d*ck !!

You guys I am GOOOD!! He the one hurting!!! He tryna not think about me by hanging out with h*es lol it’s cool”

On the other hand, Clarisse Juliette is subliminally addressing the matter. She used her Instagram Story to debunk rumors of being romantically involved with Swae in a round-a-bout way. She posted:

“Stop believing everything that you see from social media Some people make things seem like something that it’s not. It’s an App, not real life come on now”

She continued:

“Lmao wtf is goin onnn??? don’t Involve me bruh

Internet has a lot of fake news, lol stay woke”

Do you think Swae Lee’s and Marlie’s relationship will survive this Thailand scandal? Let us know in the comments. 

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay