Bow Wow’s Daughter Adorably Shares His Business On Instagram Live [VIDEO]

Bow Wow’s Daughter Adorably Shares His Business On Instagram Live [VIDEO]

Shad “Bow Wow” Moss and his seven-year-old daughter, Shai Moss, are having the time of their lives during their daddy-daughter time, and they’ve shared their cuteness with us on social media. Shai took over Bow’s Instagram Live, showing off her big personality. First, she questioned her father’s use of social media:

“Shai Moss: Dad, this guy said – or girl – said, ‘Bow Wow, check your DM. I sent you my song.’

Bow Wow: Dad doesn’t really check his DM like that.

Shai: You don’t check yo’ DMs?!

Bow Wow: Not really.

Shai: [whispering] No one checks their DMs!”

She also spilled the tea on his personal hygiene:

“Shai: Your feet stink, dad. Someone said, ‘Tell your dad your feet stank’, so…your feet stank.

Bow Wow: Do they stank, or do they stink?

Shai: They stank.

Bow Wow: Well, if they stank then that’s a problem. I need to get in the shower.

Shai: Yeah, ’cause you didn’t go in the shower yesterday!”

Ha! But, Shai only gave us a subdued show compared to her other social media sightings. She said:

“Oh, I don’t feel like dancing right now. I’m tired, and my throat hurts, and I didn’t brush my teeth, and my hair’s not combed, so you know. No dance today!”

Oop! Shai also appears to share her father’s gift for music. They recently rapped together about giving Shai’s mother, Joie Chavis, a phone call.

Perhaps Bow Wow is giving Joie a break to care of her baby boy with rapper FutureHendrix Wilburn. Shai is an awesome big sister!


Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay