Kim Kardashian Hires Alice Johnson As SKIMS Model

Kim Kardashian, Alice Johnson

Kim Kardashian Hires Alice Johnson As SKIMS Model

Alice Johnson is living her best life post-prison! She is now an official model for Kim Kardashian’s solution wear line, SKIMS.

Johnson sports a sculpting bodysuit and tells her story of how Kardashian helped her become a free woman.

“My name is Alice Marie Johnson. I’m from Memphis, TN. I was serving a life plus 25-year sentence without the possibility of parole. Kim saw a video of me, she heard my story. She said ‘This is so unfair.’ And by the way, I didn’t evenk now who Kim Kardashian was. She went to war for me to fight for my freedom. That’s why I call her my war angel. because nothing stood between her and my freedom. I was set free on June 6, 2018. So now, every moment in life is precious to me. Waking up in the morning and not having abunk bed over my head is precious to me. Being able to open the door whenever I want to and just walk outside and breathe in fresh air, to breathe in freedom. That is precious to me.”

She also spoke on how the shapewear helps build her confidence.

“This shapewear makes me feel like I can walk into the store, I can pick up something that I normally wouldn’t even think about wearing and I can put it on and it’s going to look great on me. This shapewear makes me feel free.”

The line will be released on September 10.

Kardashian and Johnson connected after Kardashian heard her story. She took to it President Donald Trump, who granted Johnson a pardon. This was only the beginning of Kardashian’s journey in prison reform.

Are you here for Alice Johnson’s modeling debut?

Authored by: Char Patterson