Kehlani Defends Tinashe: Cut The Mean Sh*t Out!

Kehlani Defends Tinashe Following Disappointing Ratings & Reviews For ‘Rent: Live”

Although she’s ready to give birth to her first child any day, singer Kehlani still had time to call out those who she feels bully fellow singer and friend Tinashe.

Following the disappointing ratings (it was the lowest rated live TV musical adaptation in recent memory) and even worse reviews for Rent: Live, which featured Tinashe in one of the lead roles (as Mimi Marquez,) her friend Kehlani is jumping to her defense via social media.

In a Twitter post, Kehlani didn’t hold back as she not only addressed Tinashe’s critics, but also stan culture as a whole and called for an end to bullying:

“Usually eat my food and stay to myself about s**t but… cut this mean s**t out with Tinashe. girl works her a** off, is talented as hell and is a f**kin sweet heart. the obsession with bullying artists in the same way on some mass bandwagon s**t is ugly. shorty is raw. bye”

In an accompanying (and since deleted) post, Kehlani continued, adding:

“Stan twitter culture sure did change the way folks view, appreciate and acknowledge success.”

Many fans agreed with Kehlani assessment of Twitter stans and supported her defense of Tinashe, who many feel is very talented, but isn’t given as much shine or opportunities as other artists.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings