Cardi B – “Who Are You To Tell People What To Do W/ Their Money?”

Cardi B – “Who Are You To Tell People What To Do W/ Their Money?”

Cardi B wants people to stop clocking her pockets! She recently took to Instagram to let fans and followers know that everything that glitters isn’t gold when it comes to maintaining a celebrity lifestyle. In her video, she said:

“You know what I hate? I hate when celebrities do something very extravagant, buy something very luxurious – there’s people in the comments like, ‘You could’ve donated that! Oh, we goin’ backwards! You could’ve done this and that with your money!’ And it’s like, ‘Who are you to tell people what to do with they hard workin’-a** money?’ First of all, do you know that artists, celebrities – the IRS, out of every check that you make, they automatically take 45% of your check. That means in order to spend 500,000, you gotta make at least a million.”

She continued:

“Then, like, a artist like me, and a lot of rappers that I know – they literally take care of they whole family. And that’s not tax reducible because the IRS don’t consider that a business. On top of that – being an artist, looking good for y’all, doin’ all this extra sh*t to please y’all – that sh*t costs money! Like, me, for example – my bills, it’s like I’ll say about 300,000, [or] 250,000 every single month. And I try to put it cheaper, and it’s just not.”

A few familiar faces agreed with Cardi’s P.S.A.

No matter what people say in her comments section, Cardi B isn’t shy about flexing her access to luxury. She posted a photo holding her baby girl, Kulture, rocking a Versace snowsuit on a private jet. Of course, Cardi quoted her own “Money” lyrics for the caption. She said:

“@iamcardib I gotta fly I need a jet yea I need room for my legs , I got a baby I need some money shiieeet I need cheese for my egg #Reebok”

Cardi also posted a photo of herself casually scrolling her timeline in a striped Dolce and Gabbanna suit last month. The true sign of wealth was her Venti-sized Starbucks frappucino!

Do you agree with Cardi B’s message on minding your own financial business? Let us know in the comments. 

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay