Cardi B Defends Pepsi Commercial & Dancing On Stage W/ Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Amidst NFL Boycott

Cardi B

Cardi B Defends Pepsi Commercial & Dancing On Stage W/ Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Amidst NFL Boycott

Aside from football fans being glued to their television screens to observe Super Bowl LIII, others sat through the programming to view this season’s commercials and advertisements. One of the most awaited was Cardi Bs appearance on a new Pepsi commercial. A small teaser strictly featuring the 5-time Grammy nominated rapper dropped days before Sunday on social media.

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Stay tune …..BIG BIG PEPSI.

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As she was met with celebrations, others questioned the “I Like It” rapper’s appearance in the ad and for seemingly dancing with Patriots owner Robert Kraft during a REFORM Alliance concert.

Cardi took the stage to perform her visual single “Money,” after executing her feature with Meek Mill “On Me–” which is off his “Championships” album. In the midst of her performance, Kraft stepped in and attempted to dance with Cardi. The mother of one was questioned about his brief appearance during her set and she retorted:

First of all I don’t know him cause I really don’t watch football period ! Second that was a prison fourm party and if you look meek page he told him to get on stage so stfu . You b*tchs will sell your moms for the bread I denied so eat a d*ck


The men got on stage while I was performing that’s one you and you can even google the information what was the party for

When questioned about her participation in an ad which would be premiering during the same game she was boycotting in alliance with Colin Kaepernick, Cardi responded:

I actually got paid to do commercials FOR THE WHOLE YEAR I GOT LIKE 4 to go soooo fu*k is you saying talking real loud without knowing wtf you talking about .

Kraft, along with Philadelphia 76ers owner Michael Rubin, have partnered with Jay-Z and Meek for their foundation towards rebuilding the criminal justice system in America called REFORM Alliance.

Authored by: Andre Palmer