Wale Wants To Find Love: I Fell Head Over Heels For Someone In This Industry 

Wale Wants To Find Love: I Fell Head Over Heels For Someone In This Industry 

Women often want to know what men think about love and relationships, to offer a balanced perspective that often leaves them out of the conversation. So, it was very refreshing and eye-opening to hear rapper Wale’s take on love and what men really want in a new interview.

While a guest on Red Table Talk rapper Wale was a recent guest and he got real about all things love-related. It shouldn’t really be that much of a surprise that the award-winning rapper was open to discussing his softer side, as it’s been apart of his music from the very beginning.

Before the discussion even fully began, Wale voluntarily revealed that he was ready to find love, saying “I recently had like, a revelation. I really think, like, uh maybe it’s time to…have somebody that’s, have a bond with somebody.”

Wale had a moment of self-reflection, when he said he realized what needs to be done in order to have a successful relationship:

“There have been times when I was really, really in love and it wasn’t me and maybe that shaped it to be what I’ve become. Imma really try to deal with the things I’ve messed up wit and just try to figure it out because don’t nobody wanna see, like ‘this n***a always by himself, like what the? Is he a vampire or something?’ I can’t do that no more, man.”

On finding love in the music industry, Wale admitted that it is much harder than it seems from the outside looking in:

“In my industry, a lot of times, The wealthiest, most known person in the room is usually the loneliest. I got famous young in D.C. and I was like, I seen how women acted around me and I think it shaped how I viewed women moving forward. So, I’m like, okay. You’re talking to a rapper, all I see is promiscuous behavior…I’m seeing this firsthand.”

He continued, adding:

“And then I fell head over heels for someone in this industry, I seen how vicious it could be and how gutted I was, I was never really the same. Our industry, entertainment, everyone moves on so fast. We can’t even argue, we can’t even argue, think about that. We argue, two days later, you in Graystone with a fourth string running back. So, when you talk about girls, young ladies, any conflict they’re gone. So, whoever’s right, whoever’s wrong, it doesn’t matter, you’re just on to the next one.”

He also revealed that his Nigerian upbringing didn’t allow him to see an outwardly loving relationship:

“I’m Nigerian, both of my parents are Nigerian, and I grew up very, very Nigerian. My Mother was always gone, my Father was always driving cabs, so a lot of it come from the TV. Hyper difference. You can watch ‘Martin’ and try to understand what a relationship is like when you get older, but then you go home, and you don’t see your parents even hug or nothing.”

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings