Former NBA Player Steve Francis Beats Hit & Run Assault Case

Steve Francis

Former NBA Player Steve Francis Beats Hit and Run Assault Case

The former NBA point guard, Steve Francis just crossed over a charged he faced in connections to a hit and run accident in late December of 2017. The former Houston Rocket star was arrested in 2017 for criminal mischief after slapping a phone out of a hand of a Houston man in the aftermath of an accident.

Francis was accused of fleeing the scene after he allegedly hit the back of a man’s car. After being struck in the back, the man then took off in hot pursuit, according to Bossip. According to the site, the chase ended at the former guard’s Houston home where things got physical. The man got out and began taking pictures of Francis’ car and asked for his insurance information, allegedly enraging the 42-year-old former guard. Francis was so enraged, he spazzed out, slapping the man’s hand, causing him to drop the phone. Francis wasn’t finished, he then began to stomp on the man’s phone, causing damage.

The case was headed to trial but was repeatedly pushed back. Francis’ charges were eventually downgraded to “failure to stop and give information,” and vehicle damage greater than $200.

Fast forward to this week, the Houston District Attorney’s office asked the judge to dismiss the case after Francis said he’d paid restitution It was unknown Monday exactly how much restitution that Francis paid.

As previously reported, in early 2017, exclusively reported, Steve Francis had been ordered to not drink or use mind altering drugs before he gets visitation with his children. A Texas judge presiding over his divorce hit the ex NBA star with a permanent injunction also prohibiting him abusing substances around his kids.

The former NBA star was ordered to pay $2,137 a month in child support to his ex-wife. The two settled all issues related to their assets and property. The settlement brings the divorce to a close after several months of nasty back and forth.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette