Offset On Balancing Baby Mamas, Whooping His Son & Social Media Trying To Ruin His Marriage


Offset On Balancing Baby Mamas, Whooping His Son & Social Media Trying To Ruin His Marriage

Fresh off the release of his debut album, Offset has began the promotional run for the awaited “Father of 4.” The album which was suspected to be released in December 2018 was uploaded to streaming platforms last Friday (Feb. 22).

Although the album is expected to debut at #3 on the Billboard’s Hot 200 chart, the rapper has claimed he has received some positive reactions from his debut project. The Migos rapper sat down for a lengthy interview to discuss his album, his relationship with his children, the relationship with his father,

Why he named the album “Father of 4:”

I did that for my kids. A lot of people only know about Kulture because of situations.

If changes his kids diapers:

Yeah, I been doing that. Of course you got to. I feel like them moments be special too,because they know.

If his other children are jealous because of the media attention Kulture receives:

Naw. He still a kid. I try to keep my kids kids, so that Instagram sh*t, ion really let them rock out on there like that. It ain’t never been no comparison. They be pressing me about seeing her. And we gotta put her on private planes because we don’t want all that.

Offset, Son Jordan

How he reprimands his kids:

One time, my oldest, somebody said something to him in school and he was like, ‘my daddy got more money than your daddy.’ I beat him, though! And how he told and the teacher telling me that it’s okay, I had to whoop him about that because I want him to be regular.

If it’s difficult having multiple children with multiple women:

At times, but not at this point. At first you gotta learn who each person is. I just feel like they beef with you more when you not doing.

When he found his daughter Kalea Cephus was born:

That was one of the hardest moments of my life. I found out I had a kid, when I seen the kid, I know it’s me, but she 5 months, ion even know her mama. I seen her one time, ion know what state. It was a hard thing to do because I know it’s my daughter, it was hard for me personally.

If he thinks social media was trying to ruin his marriage:

For sure. I just want people to be realistic. I’m wrong. I did somethings that’s wrong, but don’t kill me. It’s not no game, it’s a issue, it’s a family. I’m very spiritual too. This was done the right way. I got married and had a child. For my religion and my Christianity, it’s a beautiful thing, I can’t mess it up.

If he and Cardi are doing an album together:

I would want that to happen. I just want her to get a little bit her off. She got her a Grammy this year. She need to do another Grammy nominated album.

When asked about how he overcame traumatic experiences:

You know what therapy I went through? Jail. That saved my life. A lot of these cats, they be trying to be locked up. I’ve had a judge in my face saying, ‘If I see you again, it’s going to be 10 years!’

When asked about his prior beefs and more recent one with Chris Brown:

I don’t even want to talk about that! I stepped out my – I apologize my family my folks, who I am, I ain’t even supposed to be replying. It’s my fault, going on shawty sh*t.

His experience growing up:

Whatever I’m doing, has to reflect the good, because I’ve done the bad. I got 16 mugshots. This ain’t fake. I’ve been arrested for gang activity, I’ve been arrested for all these charges. I know what the streets can do for me – nothing.

If he thinks rappers in Atlanta are being targeted:

For sure. It come with the territory. We doing a good thing, but we gotta stay out the way of these folks. You got people who wanna bring you down.

The last time he spoke with his father:


His relationship with his father:

Every time I talk to him, I’m offering. I always been the kid like, ‘Why he don’t like me? Why he ain’t rockin’ with me? He trippin’, I’m rich!’ I’m tryna give him the money, you on a pay phone? I’m about to send you $20,000 where you at? I’ll fly a jet to you right now. He like, ‘Son, I’m on this payphone, ima call you.’ Then I’ll never get a call.


I think he got something else going on. I love him! I know he on drugs, for sure. He still in the streets. Ion know what happened. I know how it be. You can either let the streets take you away or you can kick in.

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Authored by: Andre Palmer