Jordyn Woods Was Introduced To Kardashians By Jaden Smith

Jordyn Woods Was Introduced To Kardashians By Jaden Smith

While some were surprised that Jordyn Woods was doing her first sit-down interview since the Tristan Thompson controversy with Jada Pinkett-Smith, insiders were not.

The 21-year-old’s connection to the Smith family is well documented. Jordyn and Jada and Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, have been friends since they were kids. Reportedly, Jordyn’s late father, John Woods, was a TV sound engineer who allegedly met Will on the job back in the 1990s. Jordyn was also a child model and moved with her family to Calabasas, Calif., as a kid.

In 2015, Jaden summarized his friendship with Jordy writing on social media,

“Jordyn Is One Of The First People I Ever Met, We’ve Been Friends Since A Few Days After I Was Born And Always Will Be||| Lexington Lives Through The Spirit Of Sherman Way. Remember This”.

Will also captured just how far back his family knows Jordyn. Last year, he posted a photo of throwback photo of Jordyn at Jaden’s birthday party. He captioned it:

Happy Bday, Jaden. 20 Years Old ~ WHOA!” the actor wrote. “And Wait… I don’t know what the big deal was when you wore a White Batman Suit to Prom? You have ALWAYS worn superhero suits on your dates!

On Jordyn’s birthday last year, he posted a throwback photo of him holding Jordyn. He captioned it:

Happy 21st Jordy! I am proud of All that you Are, and excited by the prospects of what you will Become!
Enjoy your next trip around the Sun… it’s a special one :)

Jordyn’s introduction and ultimate friendship with Kylie Jenner was reportedly due to Jaden.

Jaden is said to have introduced Jordyn to Kylie back in 2012. Last summer, Kylie seemingly confirmed that’s how they met when she stated in a social media video:

“She’s known Jaden, like, her whole life, and I met him in middle school,” Kylie recalled in a video last summer as they answered fans’ Twitter questions. “They were best friends, they still are—whatever.” Kylie rolled her eyes and laughed, insisting she was kidding.

Jordyn added,

“You guys told me to come over one day. and I was like, OK, ‘I don’t know them’…”

Kylie continued,

“Then you put your name in my phone with a purple heart and I still have the purple heart in my phone.”

So in light of recent events, Jordyn appearing on Red Table Talk, may be the best place that she feels comfortable discussing her latest controversy. Reportedly, she signed a NDA and is limited on discussing the Kardashian family.

The episode is set to air on Friday.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams