Jeezy On New Album & Whether He’ll Make A Song For Hillary Clinton



A decade ago, Jeezy introduced himself to the world when he signed with Def Jam and released his first single, “And Then What” featuring Mannie Fresh. Cut to present day and he is preparing to release his sixth studio for album,”Church In These Streets” hitting stores next week. Recently, Jeezy spoke with Billboard on hip-hop, politics and church. Peep the excerpts below.

How he intertwined the church and street life:

In the south, religion and superstition is like the biggest shit ever. When people get to that place where they feel like they’re lost, the first thing they do is go to church. In the streets right now, a lot of people are lost. They ain’t gonna come to church. So I’m gonna bring the church to the streets.

On being the hood’s disciple:

You take on the role of a pastor. Not a pastor in the church, but a pastor to the streets. And gospel — it’s that talk, that folk talk, slave talk, if you will. On Church In These Streets, I wanted to bring it together. I wanted to say okay, this is our gospel, this is our Sunday service, this is our Bible study, this is what we believe in.

If he’s still active in the church:

At times. But I was brought up that way. I saw my grandma get dressed every weekend and go to church on Sunday. I saw when she come back and talk to me about what the preacher said. Some of those things stuck with me; not all of em’, but some. When I was doing this album a lot of those things were coming up.


Authored by: Kellie Williams