Pacman Jones Told Police “I Will Kill You, Suck My D**k” During Arrest

Pacman Jones Told Police “I Will Kill You, Suck My D**k” During Arrest

New details have been released in connection to the recent arrest of former NFL cornerback, Pacman Jones. As previously reported, Jones (real name Adam Jones), 35, was arrested in a Larencedburg, Indiana Casino for public intoxication, intimidation, and resisting arrest in late February.

On Tuesday, more shocking details of how the former NFL Pro-Bowler was arrested during the early morning hours of February 28th which included him telling multiple officials, “F*ck you.”  Prior to Jones’ arrest, gaming agents responded to a complaint of cheating at a table where Jones was playing. Agents allege Jones was acting in a threatening manner, so he subdued the NFL player and placed him in handcuffs. After being arrested, according to reports, the agent smelled alcohol on Jones. The former NFL star allegedly continued to berate law enforcement officers saying,

“F*ck you! You ain’t sh*t, you ain’t nothing but a b*tch.”

After being detained by gaming agents, Jones was transferred over to the Ohio County Sheriff Department only to allegedly break out of custody of law enforcement. He was ultimately captured by authorities, but continued to berate officers saying,

“F*ck you! Suck my d*ck! You’re a bunch of crackers.”

According to court docs, Jones was ultimately hit with 8 criminal charges including felony intimidation and felony battery against an officer.


Prior to new details being released, Jones’ attorney, Del Weldon, released a statement on his behalf,

“Adam was gaming at a table set up by his casino host with his friends, as he has done many times before. He was approached by gaming agents and falsely accused of cheating. He was arrested merely for reacting in the way any of us would. No one wants to be called a cheat, and we all have a right to stand up for ourselves. There is no reason he should be forced to sit in jail this long on mere allegations. He should be home right now with his family, as he is presumed innocent in the eyes of the law.”

Weldon continues, asking for equal treatment for the former NFLer,

We are confident that we will be treated fairly tomorrow in court so Adam can be released and we can begin to show what really happened last night. His charges should not be elevated or increased simply because of who he is. Justice should be blind and we should all be treated equally by the law. I would ask everyone not to rush to judgment, the facts will show that Adam was not in the wrong.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette