Future May Face Legal Action From Plus Size Model Who Claims Rapper Discriminated Against Her

Future May Face Legal Action From Plus Size Model Who Claims Rapper Discriminated Against Her

Earlier this month, rapper Future was accused of discriminating against plus size women by allegedly telling that bouncers at Miami’s Story nightclub that he didn’t want any “fatties” admitted while he was there. Well, one of the women involved in the dispute, plus size model Nao, has not only called the rapper out on social media—but now she’s reportedly pursuing legal action.

Even though Future has since defended himself against the claims of plus size discrimination, it’s not enough for Naomie Chaput, known as simply Nao to her over 200K Instagram followers. She recently hit up the rapper’s DM’s to ask him to release a statement against Story nightclub and their policies.

Nao initial message reads:

“Future I’m the woman who was discriminated against with a friend. Can you then say (if it’s true) for everyone that you do not support Story Miami Club and their fat phobic ways for literally telling me and my friend NOT to come, on your behalf and LYING to us, that it was per your request that “no fatties” were allowed? Also, my publicist tried contacting your publicist without a response.”

Future responded to her request, stating:

“U lied on my name. U should’ve said [S]tory told u that s**t. U said my name.”

Nao wasn’t done, and she responded to Future saying that she was not spreading rumors:

“Long story short, my people have been trying to reach your people the entire day to clear this up. We’re not in the business of spreading rumors but we spread awareness. My representation is not hiding and they’re accessible. You’re choosing to have your name associated with this behavior but not cooperating or answering. If you condone this behavior, your call not mine.”

Future ended the exchange when he wrote:

“U condone accusing the wrong person and lying…that’s evil! Spread the truth next time when u falsely accuse someone! Your call.”

According to Nao‘s publicist, Daniel Bouabdo, “[Nao] was on her way there and they were in contact with the promoter who had arranged for them to go to the club.” Bouabdo said the promoter told them, “Don’t even bother coming. Future asked for no fatties.”

Bouabdo continued, saying that his client was hoping for an apology or some sort of public acknowledgement from Future denouncing the club’s behavior.

He continued further, adding:

“We would like to believe that Future doesn’t condone such behavior but he’s leaving Nao no choice but to ask for an apology. It’s been now over 72 hours, and I still don’t have any answers for his publicist or his manager.”

Since her request for an apology has not been granted, Nao and Bouabdo are currently seeking legal action and have hired the services of a local Miami law firm.

At press time, Future has not responded to Nao’s quest for legal action.

What do you think of Nao’s stance on plus size discrimination? Do you think Future will respond to her pursuing legal action? Let us know in the comments.

Authored by: Danielle Jennings