R.Kelly – Woman Claims Singer Had Sex W/ Her At 13 & Gave Her Herpes At 17


R.Kelly – Woman Claims Singer Had Sex W/ Her At 13 & Gave Her Herpes At 17

This has to be the longest week for R. Kelly.

On top of that explosive sit-down with Gayle King, being put back in jail for owing nearly $200K in back child support and facing charges in Chicago for sexually abusing underage girls, R. Kelly is now being investigated in Detroit for another crime.

A new alleged victim has come out and said she contracted herpes from Kelly when she was 17, according to reports. She said the two had intercourse multiple times when she was a teenager. She was 13 the first time she and Kelly allegedly “engaged in sexual intercourse at an undisclosed hotel,” back in December 2001.

The woman, now 30, said she was visiting her mom when they met up with a friend, who was Kelly’s assistant. After their alleged moment in the hotel, the two continued to have sexual intercourse, as she said they had sex in a recording studio in Detroit just weeks later. She continued to visit him in his Atlanta home for the next four years. This is when she said he gave her herpes when she was 17.

While she doesn’t’ live in Michigan anymore, investigators are making plans to fly her back so they can sit down with her and get more details of her story.

“We are eagerly waiting to speak to the alleged victim,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. The Wayne County, Michigan prosecutor could take on the case.


This isn’t the first time Kelly has been accused of having inappropriate relations with an underage girl in Detroit. Fans will most likely never forget his past with the late singer, Aaliyah, who hailed from the Motor City. Kelly and Aaliyah reportedly tied the knot when he was 27, and she was 15.

Now, his alleged issues with underage girls are coming back as he’s facing 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse against four women, three of who were younger than 17.

R.Kelly Mugshot

He was out on bond before he was taken back into custody for back child support Wednesday.

Gayle King & R.Kelly

He emotionally denied the allegations during his interview with Gayle King that aired on CBS This Morning Wednesday.

By –Char Patterson

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