Beyonce Invested A Performance Paycheck Into Uber, Shares Now Worth $9 Million!

Beyonce Invested A Performance Paycheck Into Uber, Shares Now Worth $9 Million!

It would take all day to count Beyonce‘s pockets, but social media seems to be trying their best! Twitter exploded in praise when a viral tweet suggested that Beyonce turned down a $6 million check from a performance at a corporate event for Uber. She, instead, reportedly asked them to invest that money into the company on her behalf so that she, and other celebrity investors, would make money later, bringing her “Apesh*t” lyrics to life:

“Gimme my check / Put some respect on my check / Or pay me in equity / Watch me reverse out the debt”

According to reports, viral tweet from @KelvinLeeJones1 gave a few incorrect figures. It reads:

“Beyoncé performed for Uber in 2015 and instead of accepting her $6m pay cheque, she requested to be paid in stocks, today it’s worth over $300m. Last year she took half of the $8m from coachella in exchange for the rights to the show, Netflix paid her $60m for it. Her acumen >>>”

Uber recently went public on the New York Stock Exchange, announcing that the company boasts one of the biggest tech IPOs (Initial Public Offering) at $8.1 billion. With a current market cap of $67 billion, Bey’s shares in the company are likely valued at $9 million – $3 million more than the check she would have received for her performance! Ca-ching!

And this isn’t her first big payday of the year from flipping a check. She made roughly $4 million from her historic Coachella performance, but owned the rights to it, eventually using that ownership to ink the Netflix deal to document it. “Homecoming” made her $60 million!

After all, she did say, “Best revenge is your paper.”

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay