Idris Elba Says Knife Violence In London Is ‘Getting Worse’ [VIDEO]

Idris Elba

Idris Elba Says Knife Violence In London Is ‘Getting Worse’ [VIDEO]

Idris Elba is speaking out against knife violence in the London. The actor and DJ shared a video on Instagram, and in the caption, detailed the number of knife-related offenses London has suffered since 2010.

“In the latest year, 2017/2018, London had 14,769 offenses. The year before that, it was 12,106, and for 2015/2016, London had 9,691 knife related offenses,” Elba said.

“This is NOT NEW but it IS STILL A PROBLEM,” said Elba in the caption.

“There will ALWAYS be Gangs, Rivals, Struggles in communities, we can’t control that BUT we can make noise about the STABBINGS!! We need to make noise to protect these kids.”

He added that hundreds of parents have lost their children to knife violence.

“This is happening to black young kids/men doing it to ourselves. We wear the same skin but yet we act like we hate that skin, our identity. It’s dumb. It’s getting worse.”

He urged his followers and fellow celebrities to “ring the alarm” and make enough noise to spark change. He spoke out about it in his video and said growing up in the 80s, it was typically blacks and whites taking on knife violence against each other. Now, the violence seems to be between young, black men.

“You look stupid… Entertainers that are out there, there are young people that are looking up to us. We need to vocalize this and send a message that says ‘put the knives down, it’s dumb.’ We don’t need to be killing ourselves. We have so much more we can offer. You’re gonna kill your future and you’re gonna kill someone else’s future.”

He asked other celebrities to put out similar videos speaking against it.

See the clip below.


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By –Char Patterson

Authored by: TJB Writer