Teairra Mari & Morgan Hardman On Ray J’s Alleged Physical Abuse & Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Multiple Reunion Brawls [VIDEO]

Teairra Mari & Morgan Hardman On Ray J's Physical Abuse, Reunion Brawl-the jasmine brand

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood-Teairra Mari & Morgan Hardman On Ray J's Physical Abuse, Reunion Brawl-the jasmine brand

The saga continues. One day after filming the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, cast mates Teairra Mari (Ray J’s ex girlfriend) and Morgan Hardman (Ray J’s ex-assistant) are the latest to spill the reality TV tea. The two visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club and discussed the physical fights that took place at the reunion; allegations that Ray J has physically attacked Morgan and Princess; and even more dirt on a few cast members. Check out a few excerpts.

On what happened to Morgan’s Hand:

Morgan: I was pissed off because they let her come for me…Because I punched the whole, I fractured my hand…They didn’t let me fight her. That’s the thing. And I was really upset and I had to get it out. And so I socked the wall a couple of times. I was pissed….I had this long ass gown on, which is the dumbest thing I ever did.

On how Morgan feels about Ray:

Morgan: He’s not a pimp, he’s a b*tch…He’s a b*tch a** nigga who is not about that life. His homeboys, maybe. But he’s not…

On Morgan joining the show:

Morgan: They had to beg me to do this show because I never wanted to do this show.

On Princess’ issue with Morgan:

Morgan: I definitely put it out there….She tried to throw me under the bus with Ray because we did confide in each other. Ray has done me so f*cking dirty and Princess is the one I was confiding in. And she was confiding in me as well..

Teairra: Princess is a fraud, fake b*tch.

On why Morgan didn’t call the police when Ray J physically attacked her: