Faith Evans Criticized For Not Posting Biggie Tribute Early Enough

Faith Evans Criticized For Not Posting Biggie Tribute Early Enough

As many fans recognized the recent 22nd anniversary of rapper Notorious B.I.G’s passing on March 9th by posting tributes throughout social media, some were quick to criticize Biggie’s former wife, singer Faith Evans because she didn’t post her annual tribute early enough for the die-hard fans out there.

Faith Evans, newly married to producer/reality star Stevie J, caught heat from several fans when she didn’t rush to post her tribute to her former husband Biggie Smalls. Fans spammed her comments with harsh critiques about why she hadn’t posted anything celebrating his life, music and their time together. Apparently, Evans felt the pressure and eventually did post a tribute to the slain rapper, but that still didn’t satisfy some.

As you may recall, Evans and Biggie were married in 1994 until his death three years later in 1997. The marriage was tumultuous to say the least, including multiple affairs on the rapper’s part (most notably with Lil Kim) and other drama within the music industry, as Evans was caught in the middle of the Biggie and 2Pac feud. However, the couple had a son together, Christopher Wallace, Jr. in 1996.

Naturally, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Lil Kim, both posted their tributes to Biggie Smalls:

You can check out some of the harsh comments on Evans’ Instagram account regarding her not posting her Biggie tribute BELOW:


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings